Hola, me llamo Rebecca…

Soy de california…

Me gusta correr…


*nervous glance to nearest person who can translate for me*


It’s back to the basics as I sit in multiple introduction circles consisting of a mix of Spanish and English speakers. Slowly the nerves set in and my mind goes blank.  Not taking Spanish for a year and only occasionally speaking it/using only common phrases really sets you back…who woulda thunk?

Either way the Salvadorans have been extremely helpful and patient in teaching us students having more trouble (sometimes after a great deal of confused looks and nervous laughs). The Spanish may not be improving as quickly as I had hoped, but my ability to look (lots of emphasis here)  like I’m understanding has significantly improved.

As it has been said many times before when starting a new adventure…all the days are just melting together into a super-huge-awesome-candle-like-thing of wonder and excitement (too much to process, I’m all over the place, this post may or may not make sense because of all the excitement I have been going through).


For a quick recap of the past few days…here’s what I have been up to:

1. Meeting people izquierda y derecha (really utilizing my Spanish here)

2. Eating the most delicious foods such as pupusas, pan dulce, marinated chicken, and really interesting and delicious egg concoctions.

3. Believe it or not, running around the US Embassy (in a group of course)

4. Taking (a few) cold showers

5. Learning about the history of the civil war here, the Jesuit Martyrs, and the ties the UCA shares with SCU.

6. Visiting my praxis site in Tepecoyo, where I will be helping a lovely woman named Angelica prepare food, make crafts, and teach basic computer lessons to local children.

7. Visiting la mirador and watching the lightning shoot across the sky of San Salvador at night while the city lights shine below.

8. Hiking up a hill/mountain for 45 minutes to visit the home of an 18 year old boy who quit high school to help his family earn money to send his younger siblings to high school, who later was involved in a factory accident that paralyzed him from the waist down. He now works with an occupational therapist and has began painting by holding the brush in his mouth.  And let me tell you those paintings were beautiful.

9. Having dancing parties with other salvadoran students.

10. Taking LOTS of pictures.  This is where things get a tad bit awkward because I forgot to upload them before I came to the internet cafe so those won’t be up for a few more days probably.


More updates to come soon, time is precious when you are trying to experience the wonders of a new country and get to know 23 other students.



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