Adventure Time

I don’t entirely know if I expected to survive until today…

But here I am, sitting in the outside courtyard of Casa Romero, my house for the next 4 months uploading about 400 pictures from the last 2 days and refreshing my memory on everything.

Being here hasn’t quite hit me yet.  Sure I’m roaming around the streets of El Salvador and everything is different but it still feels like a vacation, like any minute I could be hopping on a plane and heading back to SCU.  But then again it’s only been one week…

One week full of super awesomeness that is…

First, an update on blog protocol: I will be trying to write some more short pieces/vignettes that will reflect on an event I found important or particularly meaningful in y time here.  These will be labeled Vignette and be completely separate posts due to the fact that they will probably differ a lot in terms of style and content in comparison to posts such as the one you are reading now.  Feel free to read and comment, they are simply meant to offer a more comprehensive look on the people and culture of El Salvador. (Note: They may also be longer and contain more rambling/half baked thoughts).

So just about everywhere we go we are given food.  At FUNDESO, a public health clinic, I had a coffee flavored popsicle that I got to enjoy while roaming through the modestly-sized lab containing blood, urine, bacteria, and fungi samples (surprisingly, this was not hazardous at all). You know, that coffee popsicle really delicious and all, but the best snack (pretty much ever) is the combination of pan dulce and coffee.  I have yet to be able to resists this delicious combination of bitter and slightly sweet.  As soon as I see the giant container of coffee with a pink pastry box in it I lose focus for about 10 seconds because at that point I am trying to decide which pastry I will choose. So that happened a couple times yesterday…good thing there’s a group of student’s committed to do Insanity workouts in the morning.

Onto the main event!

*drumroll please*

So yesterday we went to visit the finca, or a coffee farm.  This in itself would have quite the journey.  However, the fact that 23 students rode in the back of a pick up truck going Indiana Jones style driving on a road made the trip quite memorable. You could say that we are all pretty close now. Especially since everybody sweats like crazy from the 95% humidity.

There’s really no effective way to describe how amazing the 2 hour hike that ensued was other than it felt like my vision had been put into some sort of super vivid mode where all the colors instantly turn about 20 times more colorful (trust me, it’s possible).


Today also marks the 1 week anniversary of being in El Salvador, couldn’t have been a better week to be quite honest. Looking forward to classes and praxis sites and getting into the rhythm of the real Salvadoran life.

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