Scratch n’ Sniff

Find new mosquito bite.


What is that smell?

*lift arm and sniff*

Dear lord, that’s me.


Contrary to my normal hygienic standards I have actually begun to look forward to showers…odd I know but when the forecast includes temperatures in the high 80s, humidity percentage in the high 90s, and chance of rain around 60 percent, there’s bound to be some sweating going on.  Sweat that makes your skin a tad bit sticky at all hours of the day. Which also kind of makes your need for a shower much larger than you anticipated. The house that I’m living in consists of 7 girls and 4 guys with communal bathrooms and showers, 3 stalls of each.  Things got tricky after 7 of us played soccer for an hour and then had 20 minutes to shower and get ready for pupusa night (which happens every Thursday [heck yes]).

Classes have finally started at the UCA, I will be taking Liberation Theology, History of the Civil War, Advanced Spanish (woah there), Praxis Seminar, and Sociology of El Salvador.  The good news is that classes only meet once a week, the bad news is that they are 3 hours long, the best news is that I managed to avoid taking the classes from 7-10 am (Econ and Poli Sci aren’t really my thing).  All of the Casa students have classes together and work out a Spanish-English balance with their professors.  I must say all of the professors seem extremely overqualified, including a New York Times writer and the President of the National Bank.  Not quite sure if I would want to teach a bunch of study abroad students if I were in their position, but I think this says a lot about the mentality of the Salvadoran people.

Finally had my first experience with hand washing laundry:

Estimated washing time: 2 hours

Estimated drying time: 2 days.

So this is why they told us not to bring too many clothes…

Here’s the thing, most people will forego doing laundry until they are out of clothes, but if you do that here you are just extra-screwing yourself over because not only will you have nearly zero clothes to choose from to wear while washing your clothes, but you will also not have clean clothes for 2 days.

A couple people have learned this the hard way.

The other tricky thing about it is that whole 60% chance of rain thing everyday.  My weather forecast skills, along with my hand-washing clothes skills have significantly improved.  Not entirely what I was expecting to learn in El Salvador, but lessons that are extremely useful.

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