I Love Nostalgia

The power went out a couple nights ago (although it has already happened a handful of times) for a couple minutes. I was right in the middle of  doing homeowrok and thinking about whether it was very bad timing or very good timing. I still haven’t really decided.

We grabbed our flashlights (correction: everybody else grabbed their flashlight and head lamps because I happened to forget mine) and set up our reading on the kitchen table, candles and everything.  The power returned and I walked over to one of the other houses with a friend for a short study break.  When I returned I saw that the candles were still being used as the primary source of light around those doing homework at the kitchen table.

I don’t know why, but for some reason doing homework by candlelight was actually very appealing.  It was simple and not as distracting and it made me nostalgic even though I have never had to do homework by candlelight before.  Odd feeling that nostalgia is.

We have been busy once again. I barely even realized that it has been over a week since I last posted, que triste! There has been a serious lack of reading material out there because of this. Because of this delay, some things will have to appear in list form…Here we go!

  1. The amount of sugar and butter I have consumed is insane.  Mostly in the form of pan dulce. But also in the form of the delicious soy milk we continue to make at my Praxis site and then add a hefty amount of sugar to.
  2. Telling poop stories. Shit happens in El Salvador. It’s casual.
  3. Visiting some Mayan Ruins, although here they are more politely referred to as Sanctuaries (which always reminds me of Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Disney movie). It was really great to see how archaeological sites are preserved here as well as imagine what life in the little city would have been like.  I must say that the location was in the middle of a suburb-like area and a little out of place, but I guess people don’t stop building houses nearby just because there’s a large Mayan Sanctuary across the street.
  4. Visiting Lago de Coatepeque and jumping off a tall dock into the water with the becarios (the Salvadoran students that stay in our houses with us and take classes at the University).  It was so scenic and wonderful and a great way to relax after cramming what seems like 2 months of activities into a couple weeks. There was a large area of grass that we played soccer on and did headstands (something I have found myself doing a lot more frequently) and enjoyed the view of the lake that was probably more than 4 miles around/in diameter/whichever way helps you visualize best.
  5. Supporting the local economy by making a lot of purchases at an artisan shop at one of the praxis sites.  Many gifts were bought.
  6. Memorizing the order of car alarm noise and making dances out of them.
  7. Eating pizza for the first time in almost a month.  Once again the crust was almost pure butter, which also meant it was pretty much pure deliciousness.
  8. Meeting some long-lost family members.  I had been informed by my Aunt that I had family here and to give them a call sometime but I hadn’t gotten around to doing it yet when one morning I got a call from a Doris. Thankfully she spoke English and we were agreed on lunch plans. It was so nice to finally connect with her and she reminded me a lot of my family back home. We went to lunch, shared about our lives, and planned to meet again soon after I figured out my busy schedule.
  9. Seeing the SCU Immersion Delegation.  It was great to see some familiar faces and figure out what was going back home.  I was also reminded a lot of what I was feeling last year when I was on the immersion and how far I’ve come since then. It also marked a year of having short hair (woot woot!).
  10. More praxis visits! But with my partner this time. My Spanish is getting a lot better and sometimes I can actually speak at a normal pace (sometimes even rapid fire) and people will kind of be able to get what I’m saying, if I’m lucky they’ll even understand it.
  11. Another praxis note, I taught my first English class today! I had a morning class, an afternoon class, and a small session before lunch with 3 7th graders where we just talked.  They went better than I expected considering my Spanish is limited, I mostly just used phrases I remember hearing in my Spanish classes (gracias Profesora Lisses).  As if I needed another reason to love my praxis site, the kids were so eager to learn and wonderful and amazing and smiley and I could barely believe it.

Puchica! (Dang!) This is a long post, I will plan on being more efficient if the future so people will actually not feel burdened when reading these posts.

PS More pictures will be up tomorrow!

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