I See You Coco Crispies

Note: This scene takes place in La Dispensa (our grocery store).

Puchica (translation: Dang) there are a lot of weird cereals here. What the heck is that mascot? Looks like a giant orange pom pom.

All of these cereals have so much sugar…

Ooo look at those coco crispies!

Maybe I’ll get them. They would be really tasty for breakfast.

Wait…When have I ever bought coco crispies in the US? So why would I buy them here???

Oh the throws of familiarity. The desire to get that little taste of home even when you have about 500 other options much more unique (but what I really mean is stranger) than the chips ahoy sitting on the shelf (which I actually ended up buying). It’s an odd thing but I guess sometimes you just have to give in and impulse buy that chex mix (guilty).

This week has been riddled with hints of familiarity. Chicken soup on Sunday, arroz con pollo and gummy bears on Thursday, and chili last night. It appears as though week 5 is the week to start missing home. On the other hand it has also been the best week EVER.

We had dinner with the becarios Tuesday night and I actually felt like I was part of the conversation in Spanish. Me and another student also practiced our hand stands for them, which is something that has been happening here a lot, do I know why? Nope. But it’s been a heck of a lot of fun and I’ve been enjoying, the becarios have as well. After that we had an amazing spirituality night on Tuesday involving a speed-date-like session where we were given 8 minutes to discuss questions such as: What does your God look like? What does being a man/woman mean to you? And who inspires you?

Wednesday was by far the best day at praxis. We taught classes by singing “Head, shoulders, knees, and toes,” drawing, and dancing, we had some delicious veggie soup whose broth was made with some sort of combination of pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, onions and chiles. My tortilla making skills are improving drastically which is a much bigger deal than you may think. We also made some jewelry with the women who have been working to start their own little shop. (I’ll be posting pictures of this soon in case anyone is interested!) Most of the beads are actually made of beans and seeds from the fruits and veggies used in the comedor, they just got in some red beans that are really vibrant, I actually bought myself some earrings for a whopping 35 cents.

Soccer on Thursday was just a tad bit more amazing than usual for no reason in particular. Pupusas were delicious. Conversation with the becarios was less painful (the best way to measure painfulness of a conversation is to note how many times you need to pull out your charades skills). Community night included delicious treats made by one of the girls in the house. Campo style pan dulce with nutella and rainbow frosting really made that community night.

This is also the week of expansion of the girls with short hair club! 3 more lovely ladies walked on down to the barber shop and chopped their hair off.

Needless to say, I’m proud.

And to top it all off we had a talent show last night. There was a play, a rap written about one of the guys in the program, Salvadoranity (a play on the insanity workouts), a martial arts demonstration, the 4 chord song, a slower song, a love song about pupusas, dances to Willow Smith (by 3 people with short hair), and some poetry reading. I was apart of the play, the pupusa love song (done to the acoustic version of Baby Got Back), and the poetry recital (The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll). It was amazing, and soon there will be pictures.

However, first I will trek over to the waterfalls this afternoon until tomorrow for a weekend of awesome-ness.

Be prepared for pictures of Desktop-Background quality.


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