Liberar Las Tortugas

Today was the day.

The day to liberate the turtles(which is the direct translation from Spanish).

A groggy group of 50 or so of Casa students, becarios, and Casa staff rode for an hour in our buses to the beach. We got there, heard a little presentation about the status of the turtle species and their level of endangerment, and what we could do to help combat this.

The answer, of course, was to release some newly hatched baby turtles into the ocean.

But first we had to wash our hands in the ocean water really well so that we wouldn’t get any sort of foreign bacteria on the turtles, which could be harmful. Next, we were handed a very small, very adorable little baby turtle. As soon as the turtle was in my hands, it (because I don’t entirely know how to tell the gender of a turtle) started squirming and wiggling to get to the ocean. Then we got to name them.

I named mine Nike.

Just do it little baby turtle.

We all waited behind a line, as if we were getting ready for a race, and held our turtles close to the ground, and they were off! I must say, Nike had an excellent pacing strategy, and managed to avoid getting overturned by a lot of the big waves. It’s all in the name.

After all of the cheering/motivating was done we hopped back in the bus to go to a little beach house just down the road. It was very picturesque. There were hammocks and a little pool (because the tide is so strong here that people don’t normally swim a whole lot), and a ton of open space for lounging.

But back to what really matters. The beach.

The water was lukewarm, which actually still managed to be refreshing under the blazing hot sun. We swam around as much as we could without being swept away into the current. We dove into the waves Baywatch style. I made a small sand castle. And even got to go running along the beach(which was not intentionally in Baywatch style, but may have been more Baywatch than jumping into the waves).

Everybody turned a different color, for some people it was darker, for others it was slightly more reddish, and for few it was just plain red.

It was the best way I can imagine spending the day before our praxis week begins. We are all packing up and double checking that we have everything.

Tomorrow we head out to our respective sites to spend the week getting to know the families and accompany the community as best we can. This means no new posts for a while, and probably one super long post when I return, but it’ll be a good one.

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