iAdios Bichas!

No, that was not an offensive term.

Yes, that’s actually a word and a phrase that I’ve heard.

But alas, I am off to Belize for vacation week.  It really snuck up on me and the other students.  You can tell by the the frantic planning and shortness we have had with each other while planning all of this.  It’s been real fun.

This week was also particularly hectic because it’s my group’s turn to cook dinner for everyone this week.  We planned the menu (which I can’t post yet because it’s a surprise and I don’t want anybody to read this before dinner and then have the secret get out), gave the CC’s our ingredients that are really just guesstimates because that’s how real cooks do it (I think? Actually probably not). Everybody was scrambling to do homework and make it through the pre-vacation slump which is actually just post-praxis week slump just mushed all into one.

But tomorrow afternoon we will be free for an ENTIRE WEEK *confetti and streamers* *that noise made by those weird party favors that look like you’re sticking our you’re tongue* During this week, 11 of us will be making the voyage to Belize.

So here’s the plan:

  1. Get on a bus at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday morning.  The good thing about this is that there are enough of us going that the ever-trusty Samuel can drive us in a micro all the way to the border of Guatemala.  Much better than public transportation.
  2. Get from that point to Punta Gorda, a city in Belize, this involves some sort of water taxi.
  3. Stay overnight in Punta Gorda to prevent over-committing to travel and getting on each other’s last nerve as a result.
  4. From there, take a water taxi to Dangriga, a city with a name that sounds like a combination of gangrene and dengue.
  5. Get to a hostel.
  6. Have adventures.


I apologize in advance for the ridiculous amount of pictures I will be posting. But there’s good news! The hostel is supposed to have internet so I can post tidbits from my phone (possibly). It’s going to be quite the vacation.

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