You Better Belize It.

Good news, we all made it alive to Belize after leaving at 4:30AM Saturday morning, driving for 7 ish hours, and taking an extremely fast water ferry. It was quite the adventure.
Everything after this has pretty much seemed like an episode of some sort of travel channel show. Here’s why:
1. We made some local friends, asked them where to go.
2. We checked in to a hostel that more or less looked like an art project due to it’s haphazardly put together walls and floors.
3. We went to the local restaurant, saw some of the same people from earlier (we were pretty much on a first name basis at that point) ate some tasty creole inspired food and drank the local beer Belikin.
4. We found a local coffee shop owned by a woman named Jill who has maintained (or not maintained, however you put it) dreadlocks for 25 years or so. They kind of looked like they were taking over her head but she cooked some tasty vegan food including some sort of bran muffin, a super green food called chaia (pronounced chai-ah, I don’t actually know how to spell it) and some of the tastiest coffee beverages made with local espresso and fresh cacao I have ever tasted.
5. We jumped off a dock into the carribean after we saw some locals doing it. It was a lot harder to get out than it looked so I actually ended up being lifted out by a local guy who only needed to use one arm to do so.
6. We went to a local soccer game and tried to understand all the creole that was being spoken around us. We didn’t get very far with that.
7. We ate dinner with our local friends and enjoyed live drum circle music and some guitar.
8. To top it all off, the restaurant had a little dock over the ocean and the moon is almost full so everything was reasonably bright and you could see the stars in the sky and the ocean spread out in front of you and the drum circle going on behind you.

I guess the best way to sum it up is to say the cultural experiences have been amazing and it’s only been 2 days. Next up is dangriga. Here we go!

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