So let’s start with an image for y’all:

3 gringos (2 tall white Washingtonian guys and I) racing down a flat 4-mile dirt road with tall grass and palm trees to one side, an orange grove to the other desperately trying to get to the main road to catch a bus that may or may not be coming within the next hour.
That’s how the middle part of the day turned out.
Note: at this point the 11-person group has split up and I am in a group of 3.
We started out the day in Dangriga, where we had spent the previous day walking around and taking in the town, it’s not technically tourist season yet so activities are limited, but the relaxation was wonderful. We ate a wonderful complementary breakfast of waffles and coffee after staying the night at Val’s Backpacker Hostel. Dana, the women who runs the hostel, did not hesitate to wake up early to prepare our breakfast before we trekked out to Bocawina National Park for a long day of hiking. She even let us keep our stuff in the hostel for the day even though we wouldn’t be staying the night. She was a real sweetie that Dana (pronounced dawn-ah).
We hopped on the 8 am bus with 5 pb&js and some other snacks on hand and almost missed our opportunity to tell the bus driver to stop because it took us a while to figure out exactly where the park entrance was in the first place.
In order to save money, we opted to walk the 4 miles to the entrance of the park. The road was flat and the scenery was amazing so we just trekked on in past the orange groves and palm trees and other sorts of exotic plants that I don’t know the names of. We finally reached the entrance after being passed by a couple resort vans taking in their travelers and probably wondering who the crazy people walking all the way to the park with hiking trails were.
We chose the antelope falls trail first which turned out to be quite the thigh master as we ascended somewhere around 1,000 feet to the top of the waterfall with a breathtaking view of Belize.
Breathtaking partially because it was so beautiful, but mostly because you finally got to rest for a second.
As if it could get better, there was a postcard picturesque pool under a smaller waterfall that we could swim in. That was also breathtaking because the water turned out to be quite chilly.
We had heard the bus drove last the entrance to the park at 2, 4, and 6. But considering it gets dark here around 6 and we had planned to catch the 6pm bus out of Dangriga to a small beau town named Placencia. The moment of realization went some like this:
So we need to get to the road before 4?
And it’s 4 miles to the road?
What time is it?
We’re going to have to run this….

And then we were off! But never fear, we made it, flagged down the bus, and got back back to Val’s with time to spare. So we chit chatted with Dana for a little more, had some coffee, some more food. And then back on the bus to Placencia, where we are now staying at Lydia’s guest house.
There’s really not a whole lot I can say about Placencia at the moment considering we arrived after dark and only wandered a small bit to find a place to stay. But the beach is less than 100 feet away and there is Internet and hot water here.
Therefore I am completely and utterly content.
And also ready to just sit on the beach and do absolutely nothing tomorrow.

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