Sometimes I Get Lazy

And when this happens, I forget to post.

And then no one on the interwebs knows what the heck I’m doing.

And then next thing I know a week has gone by.

It’s not that rare that procrastination kicks in, especially when you’re a college student.  But the amount of guilt I feel for not posting is a tad bit higher than I had anticipated.  The purpose of this blog was to inform all of the many people I love and care about of my musings and daily life choices/stories of my time here.  And when I’m not doing that I’m trying to call people and give them updates. And trust me when I say that these stories lose a lot of luster the more times I tell them.  And by lose luster I mean the more times I tell them the less details they actually contain.

So here I go once again, trying to play catch up with my own posts.

Wish me luck, you guys are in store for yet another wonderful list of some of the things I did last week.

1. The Sunday after vacation week we had our own little Halloween party. I dressed up as an albino on strike.  The party was complete with a tableful of deserts and goodies, games, an apple bobbing contest (I got 2nd), and some great costumes.

2. Monday we returned to our praxis after vacation week and all I wanted for lunch was bean soup, rice, and tortillas.

And do you know what we had?

Bean soup, rice, and tortillas. And event he special surprise of avocados too!

After I told Ana that this was possibly my favorite meal we eat in praxis, her face lit up as she made sure I was telling the truth. And then do you know what she did?

She packed me some to go. That way I could eat it on another day. What a kind woman.

3.  On Monday we also went to Ana’s farm to harvest beans.  After we stuffed a large white bag with the bean stalks, I hoisted it over my head and carried it back to Ana’s.  Sure it was only a little over 5 pounds. And sure the walk was only 10 minutes.  But I felt so supremely Salvadoran so I’m going to count that as awesome.

4. We watched the Presidential Election results together while laying out in front of Kevin and Trena’s (the directors of the Casa Program) TV.  It kind of looked like we were a bunch of little kids watching a movie.  But instead we were wearing red, white, and blue party hats, eating a fruit tart, and exclaiming every time another states projected results were revealed.

5.  Wednesday at praxis I learned how to make cards using rolled paper.  Mine turned out so good that no one believed me when I said I made it.  And the women at praxis told me I was “demasiado creativo” (too creative).

6. We had some community bonding in the form of finger painting and movie watching. On Thursday all of us in Casa Romero broke out the finger paint to make one large poster of our handprints that is now hanging on display in our patio/courtyard area.  Then on Friday we watched James Bond Casino Royale using the Casa program’s projector.

7.  I went and got 2 new piercings (yes, my mom knows).  A group of us all hopped in a taxi and drove to Weezle’s to get them done.  Don’t worry, he knows the Casa directors, it was legit.  Anywho, I now have a nose piercing on the left side and a cartilage piercing on the left ear.  The piercing process was a lot different than the usual process of going to Claire’s in the mall because Weezle pretty much just shoved a needle through my nose rather than using  a piercing gun which is actually not that great for piercings.  There are pictures of this process somewhere.  I will try to find them.

8. During the weekend we went to visit our cook’s in their houses.  Sarita is the ultimate pan dulce maker so we were lucky enough to reap benefits of her magical cooking abilities (normally we only get pan dulce on Friday). She lives in a very small apartment-like complex in a room that seems roughly the size of a normal family room containing the family room and the kitchen and the dining area.  I guess there was also a small bedroom attached, but we couldn’t navigate to that with all 15 of us in the apartment, so we just sat and enjoyed our coffee and pan dulce. Next was Lydia’s house for dinner, she lives in a more suburban area with a house that is probably 3 times the size of Sarita’s apartment.  There we enjoyed fried fish, casamiento (a mix of rice and beans), guacamole, cantaloupe, fresh hot chocolate, and quesadilla (which is actually another type of pan dulce and not a tortilla stuffed with cheese).

9. I had previously suggested that we all go see a movie in theaters.  I had no idea what was out but I figured it’s something we haven’t done in a while and it could be fun.  So I researched the movies, decided on Skyfall since we had just watched the other Jame’s Bond movie, and organized the interested students.  We walked 20 minutes to the theater and I was shocked to see that the theater was in an outdoor mall type place that looked exactly like those in the States.  It was extremely weird to see all of the upper class Salvadorans walking around stores such as Nike and Steve Madden in their brand name clothes when we have only been encountering middle to lower class Salvadoran life.

At least last week wasn’t all that action packed. But that could also be because it’s also almost halfway through this week and last week is already kind of blurry in my memory.

Also, I will be writing about my praxis day Monday because it was something much different than usual.  I need to spend  a lot more time writing it than usual so hopefully that will be coming up before the week is over.

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