I’m Bringing Blogging Back (yup!)

So what you’re saying is…she’s back?
Well, kind of…kind of now.

Yes, it is indeed true that I have decided to return to the blogging world. I have been driven, inspired if you will by life and the wonder of all things possible. Never fear though, nearly nothing new has happened in my life since I last blogged (which I guess was November) except:
1. I returned form El Salvador and went through a mild form of withdrawal/reverse culture shock.
2. I completed the full Big Sur marathon with a Boston Qualifying time (no small feat…though I do have small feet) (I’m sorry I can’t resist making puns…and for all of the inward thoughts contained in these parentheses)
3. I was offered the opportunity to conduct research in Costa Rica this summer, which will be discussed in future blogs.
4. I graduated college.
5. I turned 22, this is probably the least significant of the list, but completing one more yer of living is still a great achievement if you ask me.
As you can see, nothing big has been happening. And while going through some sort of “Oh my gosh i just graduated college” quarter-life crisis or going along with feelings of adventure and exploration, I booked some plane tickets to meander around and see some sights in America before heading back to the great Central America.
So far I have visited Santa Cruz and my hometown of Orange County. Currently, I am sitting in the Seattle Public Library waiting to meet up with the first of my hosts. After some time in Seattle, I’ll be flying over to Montana for some much needed big sky gazing and nature immersion. And then Costa Rica!
Yes, I have quite the agenda ahead of me.
But being a college graduate hasn’t quite hit me yet, and therefore I am still in a mind frame where doing a lot of things all at once (ok, not really all at once) is still appealing. So I guess you can count this blog as my own personally assigned homework?
Well that’s kind of a buzzkill when I put it that way.
Anywho, since I’m already going on about nothing, I’m just going to lay out what I’m hoping to do with the blog this time around. And list number two begins…
1. Use it as a way to keep experimenting with writing….because I kind of like doing that as a creative outlet sometimes.
2. Update family, friends, acquaintances, maybe some strangers, maybe someone who somehow clicks through so many links after spending countless hours on the Internet in a sleep deprived, caffeine induced haze that they end up here. I’ll take what I can get.
3. Write about things I am/become passionate about, this will probably include a lot of posts about food and running….stop reading if that’s not your thing. But other things are sure to come up!
4. I will probably be doing some design changes, only because it made no sense to me to start up a whole new site, and I would rather just keep all my posts in one blog even though I could probably have 10 different blogs about very particular things…we’re still going with simplicity here.
5. The first design change is…categories! I filtered my posts so that they are now separated into “el Salvador” and “Post Graduate Studies in Life Living.”

I think that’s it?
Yeah, let’s go with that and call this an overview post rather than a telling stories post.
Check back for quirky stories and awkward tourist photos.


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