Why Do I Not Have The Feeling Of Surprise About Me?

Because as soon as I stepped onto the streets of Seattle it started raining…
But then it got really nice for a bit. So it’s all good.

It took far too long to figure out how to get on the light rail out of the airport. And by that I mean I walked past the exit to get to the light rail not once, but twice.

As long as I convince myself that every day is a learning experience I am ok with looking lost all the freakin time every now and then.

Good news though, I managed to be the most efficient I have ever been in my packing skills. This is highly uncharacteristic for me, a person who normally takes on the “well I might need it so I’m going to pack it” mentality. I give myself kudos on that one (does anyone else remember the actual kudos bar that was just a granola bar with candy pieces in it? That’s all I can think about whenever I hear that word, and then I get hungry…).

Aaand now I have an entire day and half of Seattle travels to catch up on because I was too busy doing things I want to blog about than actually blogging, funny how that works huh?

So after navigating the light rail out of the airport I knew I had planned to meet my friend Nate for the few hours in between when my other friend Katy, who was housing me for 2 nights, would pick me up. I am one in the minority of people that actually love libraries. My mom is a librarian and we would often take trips to our public library’s children’s section when I was little, I remember they had small aquarium tanks there with TONS of colorful fish, and books too of course. And as a little kid I guess that’s all you can really ask for, colorful fish and Dr. Seuss (even better when they merge in the form of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish).

The Seattle Public Library is something else, after finding my friend, he took me on a little tour of the 8 floors, modern styling, seating areas, computer resources, and the red hall. The library’s outer walls are all glass, so the natural light (or cloudiness) illuminates the stacks. I imagine that if I was left on my own in there I would get lost as a result of finding too many interesting books and the fact that the architecture can be slightly confusing. But the red hall was a surreal experience, definitely felt like I was in the middle of A Clockwork Orange, with less phallic imagery though.

We hung out, I started up the blog again, and when we heard music from outside we went to check it out. There was some sort of public announcement going on regarding the Supreme Court rulings. It was really great to see the community gathered outside in supports of marriage equality, and I stood there feeling hopeful and excited for what is to come.

The rest of the day just consisted of a reunion and then dinner and then bed. Thursday was more eventful and therefore I will skip to that. Katy was working until 1 or so, giving me the morning and part of the afternoon to relax and do some more reading and writing. Understanding my love for running, she had also suggested a trail not too far from her house that I should run on to see some sights. Her mom graciously drove me to the start of the Burke-Gilman trail (only a mile or so away) and from there I was off! It was so green and the weather was just under uncomfortably muggy, which is pretty good. I lost track of time and next thing I knew I had gone out quite a ways and I had to get all the way back to my friends house. But I did just in time for burger lunch with Katy’s mom and sister, and then Katy was off work we ventured to Lake Union (which I accidentally called union lake a few times in a series of “I’m not from here” moments) and kayaked around gasworks park until our arms and shoulders were too sore to go any further, at which point we had to make it all the way back. But we could see the city skyline, some elaborate houseboats that probably throw awesome parties, those duck tours boats that can go on land AND in the lake (one of the more popular tourist attractions from what I could tell, those quackery were all over the place), and some good ole cloud coverage.

Next was a mini campus tour of the University of Washington, which already made me want to go back to school. And another library stop! (I promise I don’t normally make it a point to see libraries where I travel, Washington just has some cool ones) This time we went to the UW reading room, which basically just looks like its straight out of a Harry Potter movie, which I loved.

And then came a jaunt around the downtown area, to the famous Public Market, past the first Starbucks ever. Note: the line outside this treasure is always out the door, and there are about 4-5 other perfectly functional Starbucks within 100 meters of the first, but I guess saying “I got coffee at a Starbucks near the first Starbucks” doesn’t have quite the same effect.

After seeing the famous fish throwing act and making shameless tourist sounds of “ooh’s” and “ah’s,” Katy and I met up with her parents at Ivar’s Salmon House for dinner. Beer and salmon never tasted so good. Along with trying red chowder made with smoked salmon, I also had grilled salmon skewers with peach currant chutney, cornbread pudding, and a IPA.

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