Seattle is Melting

The front page of the paper featured a story on the 80 plus degree weather. It’s actually being called a heat wave and no one knows what to do about it. I will admit that even I was feeling quite warm despite the fact I usually love the heat.

It was Friday morning(still haven’t entirely caught up), meaning I had been in Seattle for less than 48 hours but it honestly felt like it had been 5 days with all the things I’ve done. And Friday was another filled day. Featured stories will include a visit to the Seattle Art Museum and Capitol Hill festivities.

I had another period of time to wander the city by myself, Katy dropped me off near Seattle University, where my other friend Adrianna was staying and thankfully was available to let me drop my duffel off in her apartment. Having the duffel wouldn’t have stopped me from wandering the city streets, but it sure would have been a struggle navigating crowds.

Before heading to the SAM I walked down to the waterfront to enjoy the sunny day (and more free samples). At the SAM I was ever so pleased it find out that no one can tell that I am no longer a student, I didn’t really imagine I would be interviewed on the matter, but you never know.

It turned out to be a great way to spend 2 hours, walking through the 2 floors of art that provided a great combination of classical pieces and contemporary interpretations and new pieces from all over the world. As usual, the modern exhibit made me want to go back through my preschool finger painting books and see if I could sell one for thousands of dollars….if only.

Next up on the Seattle experience was Capitol Hill.

That is one hip place, my friends.

You can tell by the amount of people sporting dreads and tattoos, the prevalence of thrift shops, and most importantly the number of small bars and restaurants. I realized how great happy hour really is, I had never really thought about taking advantage of that, but after going to a few places with Adrianna and Jim (the people I knew the most) and some of their friends/my new friendsand seeing the couple dollar beer and food specials, including a $2.50 burger and fries special (my mind was blown too), I was tempted to explore even more bars and restaurants to try everything. I don’t imagine this would be good for my wallet or my waistline. Then it was mandatory post happy hour resting period before heading back out to the bars for the pride weekend celebrations. The night summed up involved this: dancing, and lots of it. After stopping by a bar called Unicorn for the fruitiest, sugariest (i think thats a word) drop shot I have ever and possibly will ever drink, we went to Havana (or maybe it was Havana’s) for the dance fest.

Then it was time for switch number 3 as I met up with my good friend Nate Saturday afternoon for the pride street festival. Jim joined us as we walked around the booths of sparkly clothing, food samples (I’m telling you I am the queen of finding those), some drag queens, awesome outfits, all topped off by some shady time in the park, and a gender reversal rugby game featuring men in dresses of all shapes, sizes, and colors of the rainbow. It was quite the site, especially since there was also a kids band there for family pride in the park singing songs about bubbles, making pancakes, and not having pets. I had never really had a problem with kids bands before, but now that I was seeing them performing live it became a bit funnier.

And now onto the highlight of the day, its about food, as if that should surprise you. First, Nate and I went an oyster bar called The Walrus and the Carpenter, named after a poem I have memorized and recited a few times (if I weren’t so lazy/using my iPad to type this I would attach a link to the poem, but for now just know its a wonderful poem). The oysters were delicious, and the drinks were STRONG. I had a hankering for gin so I chose the guiding light: gin, lillet, orange rose blossom water, absinthe. I was under the impression that lillet was some sort of flavoring, them after using the smartphone to do some smart things I realized that it was wine.

So I was basically drinking alcohols mixed with some fancy water.

The price of the places didn’t encourage too much food to be bought, meaning my stomach was maybe not quite full enough to take on that drink. But it was finished and followed by a walk to…wait for it…wait for it…

I said wait for it….geez.


The name of the place was hot cakes, and it specialized in just that, little molten chocolate cake and caramel sauces and alcoholic dessert beverages and even butter beer (which I had thought was alcoholic but I guess JK Rowling didn’t want to make all the students look like they had a drinking problem). I ordered a peanut butter cup lava cake. The tiny mason jar filled with half-baked cake came on a small wooden platter covered with peanut butter caramel sauce, a scoop of ice cream sprinkled with peanuts, and little cube-like things of peanut butter. If you’re mouth isn’t watering right now, you need to change your dessert preferences. The entire thing was devoured with a chorus of moans and groans and looks from the people passing by (Nate and I were sitting at a few small bar seats in front of the window), and finished with some jar scraping and plate licking.

I am not ashamed in the slightest.

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