My activity level is at an all time high…

So here’s what I’m thinking.
I blog every few days and only talk about the good stuff. This method worked very well in El Salvador, mostly because I only had a few days with Internet to begin with, but I myself am already tiring of just repeating what I do.
Where’s the excitement?
Where’s the action?
Where’s the drama?
The storyline of blogging needs to be similar to the ups and downs or a steady heartbeat-like rhythm with plenty of highs, not a slowly rolling kiddie ride at a carnival.

Summarizing in short sentences is more fun for me anyways. And even if I can’t get that heartbeat going I still consider getting some writing in a small success for the day.

The last few days have contained a crazy amount of hiking and eating good food, and that’s really all I could ever ask for.

Sunday Nate and I hiked along the dungeness spit in Washington, 5 miles out to the lighthouse, eating yummy homemade ciabatta sandwiches as soon as we got there, and 5 miles back with the mountain range in clear view. I must say it was slightly tormenting being able to see the lighthouse and feeling like you were getting nowhere near it…very tricky that spit is. We were sure to replenish with some of the perfectly crispy pizza in port Townsend. And then I was taken to a food co-op where I had the hipster moment of getting excited about finding kombucha brewed in Washington in a snazzy blue bottle. It was called Kombucha Town and it was most refreshing. I will disclose that I have these moments fairly often, I think it’s from living in the Bay Area, or possibly some side effect of being a girl with short hair…

After another night in Poulsbo, a morning run, and a heartfelt goodbye I made my way to Big Sky Resort in Montana on a small plane that I boarded from the runway. I’m staying with my friend Seth until Saturday and spending a majority of my time hiking in the mountains.
And I am really not kidding when I say a majority of my time. One hike shortly after my arrival, 2 hikes yesterday, a run this morning, and most likely an evening hike. This also means that food consumption is at an all time high…also a win.

Big Sky resort reminds me a lot of Mammoth Lakes, if you don’t know about Mammoth I encourage a trip as soon as possible. Both places are known for skiing, more in Big Sky(I have seen multiple bragging posters about the resort having the most and best skiing in North America), but are so beautiful year round that they might as well keep up the money making. The amount of nearby trails is insane, and it seems like there are always people trying to get out there, something I am very grateful for. Big Sky is basically its own little village/town with some buses connecting the upper and lower parts. There are cabins and vacation homes, concerts in the lower meadow(the beach boys are playing this week), hotels, small shopping centers, and little restaurants and bars. And as much as it blows my mind to see the elaborately designed vacation homes with floor to ceiling windows, as much as I wonder about how awesome parties there are, I would still prefer to be in the small dorm like room I’m in.

Why? Because it would be a lot harder to leave a beautiful home like that than this room.

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