The 5 Minute Update

Hokay. So. Here is ze deal.

I’m leaving in 5 minutes to go on a 2.5 hour drive to the field site in La Suerte, Primavera. But I haven’t said anything about the trip here. (technically I didn’t finish…so this post is uber late already, my apologies)

So here we go:

Drank champagne in first class. Then was offered dinner. Declined at first because of the whole airplane food but then realized…hey, I’m in first class and that never happens.  So vegetable gnocchi and cheesecake it was. I was honestly surprised, airplane food tasted delicious for once!

Land in San, Jose, Costa Rica.  Navigate our way to a taxi (trusting that the airport service workers wearing white polos would suffice) to hotel Don Carlos, where I have been staying since then.  The hotel is pretty sweet, a nice little eco place where they remind you to conserve energy and water and have recycling bins all over.  I grabbed some food from the wonderful breakfast buffet, took it up to the room, and set it one the table to eat later while I passed out.

Costa Rica is way different than El Salvador.  It’s not hard to tell that it is more developed based on the stores and even just the types of dogs roaming the streets, or not roaming the streets because it seemed like there were a lot less.  Streets were in a grid fashion and numbered, there was Calle 3 and Avenida 3 and hopefully you didn’t get them mixed up.  The streets also rarely run straight for very long, meaning that they are broken up by shorter streets, continuing on the other side or to the right or left of other streets and creating a labyrinth of confusion for visitors. Me included.

We try not to look too lost which is inevitable as a group of 4 girls who aren’t from the area.  Eventually we find what we needed, some food, calling cards, etc then back to the hotel for napping round 2. My body was completely thrown off by all these short sleeps, I felt like I was going into military style sleep and relying on coffee to fill in the gaps.

After some anxiety on getting to the site, some more roaming around,a meal at a small Costa Rican health food cafe (surprisingly delicious, with juice drinks that don’t taste like they’ve had 6 spoonfuls of sugar added to them), and a run through the city to a small park on the outskirts, we faced the day we had all been waiting for with excited grins.

The drive was so beautiful, we were on the same highway the entire time, lined with tall trees and butterflies floating around, it was a tad bit surreal with the thick clouds and fog covering some of the greenest, vine-iest trees I’ve ever seen.

And then we got there and got out of the car…

I swear I have never felt more like li was walking “into” the air than I did with those first steps.

I imagined those first steps are what it feels like to walk into a forcefield…or a giant cube of hot sticky jello…it was almost like an anti-gravity environment of warm air particles that had me going from dry to sweat-stained in about 5 minutes.

The next two months are going to be quite tasty.

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