I’m a Cliché

Leave it to a small local coffee shop to get my inspiration flowing again.  The “broke writer” sits defeated sipping a coffee and is all of the sudden hit with a second wave of gusto and spirit.

But seriously, I was sitting in a small coffee shop thinking “this is great, I should come here more, and I should blog more, and I should be happier with life, and I should get out more in general, and I should maybe not order lattes a few short hours after drinking 2 cups of coffee with breakfast.” It’s ok, I survived. That was also a few weeks ago so you can see how well that advice to myself stuck.

On to more post grad life struggles/successes. I would try to make this a general “this is what will definitely happen when you graduate and am therefore doing you a great service by writing out tips for how to deal with it.” But that’s no fun. You know what is fun? Telling stories. It’s also a great way to make friends. It will also help you out when you are interviewing at places like Lululemon.

So here’s to a new chapter of stories, usually falling into but not necessarily restricted to the following categories:

1. Running and General Beast-Mode Antics

2. Cooking, Eating, and All Things Related to the Consumption/Creation of Food and Drink

3. Yoga-ing and Spiritual Enlightenment for Real World Problems/How Karma Works in My Life

4. Jobs, Interviews, and Rejections

5. Room-hunting: How craigslist is the new people watching

6. Social Interactions: How to talk to real people

7. Random Rants, Raves and Ideas Worth Looking Into

Every time I say I’m going to do something on this blog I usually don’t end up actually doing it….but ideally I would like to have more pictures on this. They will probably first be attached to food posts because I am a shameless food photographer/instagrammer. This also means that most if not all pictures will be via iPhone. Picture quality: questionable. Picture content: awesome.


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