Do you have experience as a waitress?

No, but I have been to a restaurant or two.

This was my first interview. And I got the job. You know that thing they say about honesty being the best policy? That’s pretty good advice.

And you know that other thing about it’s not what you know but who you know? That’s also pretty true…

The two jobs I have now as an assistant cross country coach and now server/waitress (I still don’t really know which is the correct/best term) were both acquired through friends. After multiple weeks of applying and searching and applying and searching and hearing NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING, back form a majority of places and rejections from the rest. As I had anticipated, the real world is rough.

But you know what? No homework.

And happy hour is pretty awesome. Not like I couldn’t do happy hour before… but for some reason happy hour seems like such a new and exciting thing. And I love it.

So back to my first interview and acceptance into a “real job.” I really couldn’t have happened upon a better job. I am now a server at Caffe Union in the city.

There was supposed to be some training involved as is usual when you are starting  a new job. I walk into the caffe for the first time, it’s a comfortably close-quartered place with walls painted in muted tones with some coffee shop style paintings on the wall. The menu looks delicious. And all the staff I meet are great. So I’m shadowing one server, having things pointed out to me, your usual training stuff.

And then…

One server has to leave. And it’s getting busier.  To emphasize this I just want to add that it was Sunday and this is basically a brunch place. They call it Sunday brunch for a reason….BECAUSE IT HAPPENS ON SUNDAY. It’s not Friday brunch, and Monday brunch would be just weird. So this place was full, with people waiting, asking me questions whose answers I did not know. and next thing you know, I’m taking orders.

And that’s when my training stopped and my first day began. Yay?
And you know what? I killed it.

I took orders, made espresso beverages, wrote legibly enough for orders to be easily read by the chef (this is perhaps the most exciting thing), made drinks, figured out how to carry multiple plates out, and so much more.
It was so fast paced and thrilling. The tips helped too.

Turns out waitressing may become my new thing.
And by may become my new thing I mean has become my new thing because I started writing this post ages ago and am still waitressing and making that money now.

One thought on “Do you have experience as a waitress?

  1. I’ve had the same experience before – I talked up a restaurant owner on a whim and when he asked, “do you have experience?” I replied “I’m not stupid.” Bahahah, it worked!! Waitressing can be a total power trip if done right;p Goodluck!

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