I Always Dreamed of Living in the Most Expensive City

That doesn’t sound too nice now, does it?

Now take out “most expensive city,” insert “San Francisco,” and you have a much more believable statement.

Yes my beloved reader(s), it is true. I have finally made the great migration up north to this wondrous city named after a Saint of something I don’t know (but let’s be real it’s probably hipsters). And I am living the dream of sharing a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 other people and paying a ridiculous amount of money for groceries. But you know what? It is one hundred percent absolutely positively worth it. After all, we work to make money and if high school economics taught me anything it is that nothing is free and something about MC=MR.

It is true that free events in San Francisco exist. But as soon as I step out of the apartment there’s bound to be some sort of food that I must try, or coffee that I must drink, or happy hour specials at my favorite bar for $3 (I mean really, you just can’t say no to that).

Budgeting has become my new hobby, and I must say I’m getting pretty darn good at it. It makes me very keen on what events I can go to for as little as possible. And to be honest those are probably the coolest events anyways.

Guess what I’ll be doing Thursday night?

Attending Erotic Fan Fiction of Pride and Prejudice at Booksmith.

$10 drinks included. Now that’s what I call thrifty.

Since fully describing life here would leave you in a bored stupor, here are just a few interesting things I have done/seen since being here:

– I saw a toddler dressed in tiny Jordans, a polo, and a sweater pullover. Both collars were popped.

-Every time I walk down Haight Street I see at least 2 bums with a striking resemblance to Jack Sparrow.

– Lots of Gypsies.

– We have a view of the very tip top of Golden Gate Bridge. I point it out to everyone there first time visiting.

-There are roller skating dance parties in Golden Gate Park every weekend where the average age is probably around 50.

– Every Thursday food trucks from Off the Grid come the park. This means that every Thursday I am faced with a very hard decision on what to eat for dinner.

– I ate a vegan donut. And liked it.

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