New Post, New Design

Like dusting off your racing shoes after finding them shoved in the back of your closet, taking out that juicer you bought to “cleanse” and gave up after 3 days, or more literally picking up the pen and putting it to paper after a LONG time, this blog is all jazzed up and ready to go.

For the third time, I am going to start writing consistently, and stick to it (trust me on this one, guys). Why is this different? Because my community has grown, my experiences have become more meaningful, and I am so darn inspired by countless other blogs that I just had to get back in the game.

Keep It Simple 3.0 is bringing you more a comprehensive view of the wild world that is my running life and how I manage to feed myself. Maybe there will be some extra posts thrown in there, but with the help of you, dear readers, I shall adjust to popular demand accordingly.

And now, a list of updates! What has happened in the last 2 years (no, seriously, it’s been two years since I touched this thing)

  1. I have moved 3 times: SF > Berkeley > Oakland
  2. I have had 3 more jobs: Bi-Rite > 18 Reasons > Berkeley Unified District
  3. I have run plenty of races taken one step into the world of ultrarunning with my first 50k
  4. I have found amazing communities through food shared, group runs, and the running teams I have become a part of: Oiselle Volée, Bay Birds Racing, and the Salomon Run Ambassadors

Alright so two years is harder to list out than I thought without getting crazy long. But we are all here now, so let’s just go from here, ok?

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