Why Do Girls Love Jars?: A Recipe

One of my friends brings this up nearly every time I am over at his house and choose the mason jar out of the cabinet to be my glass for the night.

In short: because they are multifunctional, you can put coffee OR a salad in them, or take leftovers, or prepare overnight oats, you could do non-food related things with them too like make a little pot for succulents, a piggy bank, the list goes on and on…

Jars are also my saving grace when it comes to busy weeks. If I have the time/make the time instead of watching Netflix, I try to plan out at least 2-3 meals in advance that will give me enough leftovers for 2-3 more meals. Because I only cook for myself, this 2-3 meal range is perfect. I used to do more but then figured out that I was wasting a lot of leftovers or I was agreeing to go to lunch or dinner with a friend last minute, leaving fresh produce to wilt.

The best thing about jars is that you can pre-portion everything out and just grab and go. Last week, I realized that I was going to be running around a fair amount with little time to make anything so I planned to use my rice cooker to make a big batch of these oats that I could portion out in jars and take with me or prepare quickly as I was getting ready in the morning.

I had searched for other quick oat breakfast ideas because I’m not a huge fan of instant oats, I just love the texture of rolled and steel better, but all the recipes I could find were done up had the word “porridge” in them and better for a slow weekend morning, I have found these to be way more efficient and a great substitute for overnight oats if you want a warm breakfast on a cold morning.

If your rice cooker has a delay time, this is also especially useful before early race wake up calls, I live with 4 other people so making noise in the kitchen before 6AM on the weekends is not the most welcome.

If you have a shorter run planned during the week for a recovery day, you can also throw this together before your run and come back to a hot bowl of oats!


(I really need to step up my food photography) 

Rice Cooker Oats:

3-4 servings

1 cup oats *

1.5 cups water (or more as needed)

Splash of your favorite dairy or non-dairy milk (optional)

2 TBS coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla

1 TBS cinnamon (my personal favorite but adjust as needed)

2 TBS ground or whole flax seeds

Pinch of salt

All you need to do is throw all of this in your rice cooker, stir a little bit, use the “white rice” setting, and it’s all done in no time!

Serve with classics like milk and raisins or add your favorite seasonal fruit and nut butter (figs are my go to when in season).

*if using steel cut oats, put a little more water in and use the “brown rice” setting