Ode to My Delicious Chocolate-dipped Almond Coconut Cookie

You’re malleable to the touch, meltable in my mouth, I chastise myself for primarily being wary of your almond-paste composition because now it is what I love most. Or perhaps what I love most is your transparent bipolarity.  Your pure soft side is perfectly complemented by the rough textured coating of the other.  How can I treasure you slowly? How can I savor you sweetly? When you are constantly giving me something new to taste. Something new for my teeth to break apart. I place you in a bag to cherish later but then later comes too soon and I have neglected time and reasoning to nibble you up. But wait! There you are! a tiny fragment of you nestled in the corner of the bag, my fingers grasp and pinch your remnants, a sweet reminder that you were, for a short amount of time, the greatest thing in my life.